Urban india

Tap the Stocks which will benefit from Indian Urbanization and Smart Cty Projects.

Type Start Date Last Rebalance Date Index Value
Sector Research 03-Mar-14 29-May-18 445.33

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India's urban population would increase to 41% of the population by 2030, ie. 600 Million people are expected to be in Cities. The Major Chunk of revenue for India's every increasing consumer spending comes from Urban India. Urban India accounts for 60-65% of total revenue in FMCG Sector. Government initiative of Smart Cities will prove to be the backbone of this sector. This theme offers stocks that would benefit from Government spending of Rupees 1.90 Lac Crore on 100 Smart Cities Mission of Indian Government.


Past Performance

Portfolio Composition


Stock Screening

Minimum Requirement - Liquidity Filters and Promoters Holding

Model Criteria

A Proprietary Model developed for Stock Selection

  • Quantitative Research (Valuations, Financials, EPS, Balance Sheet, Cash Flows)
  • Qualitative Research (Earnings Quality and Sustainability)
  • Momentum Indicators (Filtering out stocks based on Technical Indicators)

All Selected stocks are given Equal Weight for better exposure

Historical Backtesting

All model based Safal Nivesh are checked for historical outperformance to ensure that only consistently outperforming models are selected


At the time of rebalance, research team reviews the Safal Nivesh to drop stocks which no longer meet the model criteria and add new qualifying stocks