Thematic Research

Thematic Research is a Macro Economic research with a Top-Down approach. Every Economy has a theme or an environment of investment which is persisting strongly.We look for opportunities in a particular theme, lets say GST or Monsoon, which will outperform the broader economy in due time. Thematic Research looks for stocks with in a particular theme who lead the market share.The Analysis is Qualitative and Quantitative, which gives us stocks with good financial health and meet our criteria.

Shubh Deepawali

Companies expected to benefit from increased economic activity during the Indian festive season

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Privy Banks

Bet on Stocks which represent the growth of Private Banks in India

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Rural Outperformer

Invest in stocks of the Rising Rural India

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Urban India

Tap the Stocks which will benefit from Indian Urbanization

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Digitally Yours

India Goes Digital, Stocks which play the story.

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Affluent Stocks

Stocks which cater to growing Luxury Indian Market

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