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Companies which represent the possibilities of Indian FMCG Growth

Type Start Date Last Rebalance Date Index Value
Sector Research 03-Mar-2014 28-May-2018 213.10

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India's robust economic growth and rising household incomes are expected to increase consumer spending to US$ 4 trillion by 2025. The maximum consumer spending is likely to occur in food, housing, consumer durable, and transport and communication sectors. The Indian FMCG companies have performed better than international peers and registered double digit growths. The massive young population, especially in urban areas, are spending on apparel, lifestyle, foods, accessories, Malls, beverages and many more. With a structured tax regime like GST, FMCG sector is now a definitely a multiyear play for investors.


Past Performance

Portfolio Composition


Stock Screening

Minimum Requirement - Liquidity Filters and Promoters Holding

Model Criteria

A Proprietary Model developed for Stock Selection

  • Quantitative Research (Valuations, Financials, EPS, Balance Sheet, Cash Flows)
  • Qualitative Research (Earnings Quality and Sustainability)
  • Momentum Indicators (Filtering out stocks based on Technical Indicators)

All Selected stocks are given Equal Weight for better exposure

Historical Backtesting

All model based Safal Nivesh are checked for historical outperformance to ensure that only consistently outperforming models are selected


At the time of rebalance, research team reviews the Safal Nivesh to drop stocks which no longer meet the model criteria and add new qualifying stocks