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To cater to all trader and investor needs, we offer advisory services in all segments of the market. Over the years we have created specialized team of experts which have been actively tracking and analyzing the global economic scenario and its impact on different asset classes.

We specialize in Intraday/ Swing Trading in Equities, Derivatives, Commodities and Forex by constructing time and price analysis models and hand plotted charts for GANN analysis. We also work on Fibonacci & Wave Theory to sharpen our analysis.

Based on this we provide advisory in:

Equity Segments: In this segment we provide tips to all type of traders, with various capital induction, volumes traded, frequency of trading and have bifurcated it in Stock Cash, Premium Stock cash, Rhodium Stock cash, Platinum cash and Positional Cash.

Derivatives Segment: In this segment we provide research recommendation for traders in Stock future, Nifty Futures and Option-Call & Put Segment. Again based on type of traders and their volume and frequency of trading we have created services like Stock Future, Stock Future Premium, Rhodium Futures, Platinum Futures, Nifty Futures, Options-Call & Put and Premium Options

Commodities Segment: In this segment we provide trading recommendations in MCX and NCDEX Segment of market. MCX services have divided into Precious Metals, Base Metals and Energy and based on trading pattern and client exposure we provide Base package, Premium Package, PCG Package and HNI Group Calls please visit our product page to know about each in details.

For Agri commodities we provide recommendation in NCDEX commodities.

Forex Segment: In Forex segment we have expertise in both International forex where various international currency pairs are traded like Euro/USD, GBP/USD, JPY/USD and others.

In Domestic Forex segment we provide trading recommendations in all four trading pairs of INR i.e USD,GBP,JPY and Euro. We also provide recommendations in forex Options.

Also we have gained expertise in most difficult form of trading recommendations the Binary Options. Where the time frame options can be customized by clients.

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