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Track sheets are daily records of all our technical calls given in each segment. Think of it like a score card of sorts. Here are the major components of Epic track sheets –

  1. Call Date – The date that the given call was generated by Epic
  2. Script – The stock or commodity or currency which was recommended in the call
  3. Lot – The lot size (number of lots traded) for the recommended script
  4. Position – Long means buy and short means sell
  5. Level – The entry price for the script in the call
  6. T1/T2/T3 – The first, second and third target prices for the recommended script
  7. SL – The stop loss recommended for the script
  8. Target amounts – The amount in Rupees earned for each target achieved by the call
  9. Total amount – The total profit or loss made by the call

Take a moment to review track sheets for all of Epic's services to understand the call patterns and the level of accuracy achieved by these calls. If you are currently on a trial or are a subscribed customer, you will be able to match the calls provided to you in your subscribed segment with the entries in the track sheet for that day/segment.


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