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Forex Tips


Forex market is largest market in the world, where individuals can trade with currencies. With its huge liquidity and volume, it acts as a great platform for intraday trader for making a huge profit. Forex Market requires the complete knowledge about Global market. However currency prices are often affected by various political and economical conditions, but probably most important factors are international Trade, political stability, Inflation, Global Economy and Interest rates. At Epic Research, our team of Analyst, who specialize in Trading with Currencies provides the detail knowledge about the Forex Market and up to date with the current market conditions and provide Forex Tips, Forex Trading Tips, Best Forex Market Signals with high accuracy.


  •  Daily 1-2 intraday calls depending upon the market conditions.
  •  1-2 Positional calls in a week
  •  Support and resistance of all major currencies on daily basis
  •  Updates on all major event, market updates and important information impacting the currency market.
  •  Currencies Covered :Euro-Indian Rupee (EURINR), US Dollar-Indian Rupee (USDINR), Japanese Yen-Indian Rupee (JPYINR), Pound Sterling-Indian Rupee (GBPINR).