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Our clients are at the centre of what we do. Epic uses the best software and the best minds available to derive its research and lays out all possible ways in which the research can reach out to you.

Retail delivery

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Real Time SMS: Tips are sent using your primary mobile number registered with us. The SMS are sent in real time and are normally received by most subscribers within 20 seconds of transmission. Your number needs to be deactivated from NDND for this transmission method to work. There may be a delay in receiving SMS if your service provider (e.g. Airtel or IDEA) network is congested, or if your mobile is switched off or moved out of the network area or roaming subscribers or subscribers in remote locations or states which impose restrictions on real time delivery (e.g. J&K)

Web Login: All our subscribers are also eligible to receive tips via unique login ids created for their subscription. Tips are displayed on the web in real time and can be accessed if you have an internet connection. This method is effective for people who wish to retail NDND registration or are having trouble or delay in receiving SMS on their mobile phones.

Private Chat: Premium, HNI and PCG subscribers are also eligible to receive tips using the private chat option on the Epic website. This chat room provides more than just tips. Many of Epic's premium customers login to the chat room daily and share their trades which also helps other traders take positions with confidence.

Android App: Most subscribers are also eligible to receive real time tips using Epic's Android application. The application has been recently launched in Beta and is available only to selected pilot users. The application will be available to download in mid November for all regular users.

Institutional delivery

Many more transmission methods are available to our institutional clients. To learn more, please visit the institutional site at Epic Consulting
Please visit the customer care centre located at if you have questions or are having trouble using the above delivery mechanisms.

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