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Our Commitment to Society and Environment

A motivated society and workforce leads to a motivated nation and that leads to peace and prosperity for all. With this belief Epic Research takes initiatives to preserve energy, paper, water and other precious resources company-wide. Epic also sponsors college events and donates to social causes from time to time.

* 22/06/2013 - Epic Research contributed Rs 11,000 to the Prime Minister National Relief Fund in order to help the government with Uttarakhand National Disaster. Staff of Epic Research made additional contributions to the fund on behalf of Epic.

* 18/04/2013 - Epic Research Sponsored Tech Fest festival at SVIM college Indore

*6/08/2015 - Adhar Card Camp: At Epic Research, we believe in making a positive impact on the community, ensuring our business is environmentally and socially responsible, and encouraging our people to volunteer in the community for the same we have organized a Adhar Camp for our Epic-mates and there family members. Thanks to all Epic-mates for the overwhelming response.

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