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Indian commodity derivatives trading market is growing leaps and bounds. For those who want to diversify their trading/ investment portfolio trading commodity futures creates edge over trading in shares, bonds and real estate. For trading in commodities major exchange in India is Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd (MCX). In MCX the products are divided into three segments i.e. Precious Metals which covers gold and silver, Base Metals which covers Zinc, Lead, Aluminum, Copper, Nickel and Energy which cover Natural Gas and Crude oil, other than these their are various other products but major trades are done in products in these segments only.

We at Epic Research Private Limited India's Leading MCX advisory firm constantly work on providing best trading solutions to traders in commodities market. Commodities' trading offers immense potential to become a asset class for traders, investors, arbitrageurs, hedgers. Traders' trade in segments based on their risk appetite as gold and silver has been showing high volatility in recent times as compared to base metals and energy which are less volatile.

We provide traders with accurate levels to trade in MCX. We provide intraday buy sell recommendations for traders to generate maximum returns from the volatility in the market. The movement in MCX is dependent on international market COMEX which decides the trend in MCX also dollar index and Rupee contracts have bearing on movement in MCX. So we have our research analyst who studies COMEX market, then we have analyst who dedicatedly work on predicting dollar index and the third team only focuses on rupee movement and based on all the research work done by these team, the fourth team generates technical levels for trading. This rigorous process of analysis makes our recommendation stand out from others and our clients are able generate good returns in intraday trading.

Our focus area is to manage the risk reward ratio for the client and also generate high returns managing their risk and also to safeguard their invested capital from adverse market movements by providing proper stop loss. The major movement in MCX is also attributable important data floated by various international agencies at pre specified date and time and we at Epic keep track of all the major data releases and their impact are studied and converted into trading levels by our experienced research team to make traders gain maximum out of price fluctuations in data releases.

Try out our packages for getting a feel of commodity market return potential. For different types of traders we have designed different packages, which traders can choose as per their trading pattern and risk appetite

Precious Metals (Gold and Silver) Pack: This pack is specially designed for those customers who want to trade in precious metals like Gold and Silver. This pack is traders favorite because of prevailing volatility in prices coupled by Epic accurate tips converts into huge profits in intraday for them.

Base Metal & Energy Pack: This pack is designed for traders who trade in commodities other than precious metals because of volatility factor. Base and Energy commodities are less volatile as compared to precious metals and also the margin requirement is less, so traders who want to gain maximum out of base metals and energy price movement subscribe to this pack for generating maximum returns based on Epic Research accurate recommendations.

Base Metal + Energy + Precious Metal (BEP) : This pack is designed for traders who do not want to miss price movement in any commodity and have exposure in all the commodities traded in mcx. The traders enrolled in this package gets maximum benefits in terms of number of calls provided in intraday for trading and also the return potential is maximum with our solid research.

Above these we have range of Premium, PCG and HNI packages for traders in commodities market !!!! for exploring more for opportunities present in commodities market have a look at Commodity Premium Packages and EAPP packages details.